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It’s been a year since I wrote the first “Architecture and…” post for the YAF Connection 13.02: Equity x Design issue. In writing that piece I sought out to answer the simple question of “Emily, what do you do?” and found myself answering the much larger questions:

  • What is the value of an architect and;
  • How can we leverage our efforts for creating much more than buildings.

I still feel strongly about what I wrote then, but I have realized there is more to this than architectural services and business models.

Architects are ambassadors, provocateurs, leaders, and collaborators. In almost every way, architects bring together people from various disciplines to create, envision, and develop action plans for the future.

This post is part of Bob Borson’s #ArchiTalks series—a monthly challenge encouraging architects to write about a single topic. This month’s topic is “Architecture and…” and how convenient it was that I had already written on that topic! Please see links below to check out the views of others:


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Emily is an Architect, Mother of 2, and Somerville, MA resident.

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