Architecture is in the physical realm, but technology helps us see it

The following article caught my eye the other day: AIA Perspective: Capital Shares: Social media is important, but let’s remember the importance of personal interaction.

American Institute of Architects President Helene Combs Dreiling FAIA is right–sound business practice and strategy is just as important as developing social media outreach. The architecture profession will always be rooted in the physical realm, and it will always involve real people. That being said, the true leverage of social media is the large platform by which we can share what we do. It’s not that we are too engrossed with our smart-phones/tablet/glasses to look around, but that these devices connect us to the larger world which we are a part of. Social media will never replace good buildings and good thought leadership, but it can help me reach more people and therefore connect with the communities to do “the hard work that needs to be done”.



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Emily is an Architect, Mother of 2, and Somerville, MA resident.

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